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Collaborating as those who already help the homeless

Whether you are a social worker or work at an agency, ministry or with some other group that is already serving the homeless, there are many ways for us to partner!

Request pickup of clothing/toiletries

We have been blessed with abundant in-kind donations of clothing from our amazing donors and would love to share our resources with all those in need. If you are a case worker or an advocate for a specific client, we have a system where you can request clothing and some personal care items for them. Please see our request forms here

Invite our outreach team to visit

Currently we have an outreach team that consistently visits the Austin Central Library in an attempt to contact new homeless young adults and make them aware of the resources we have. If you work at a location where you think there would be a number of individuals interested in knowing about SYMin, we would love to send our outreach team to visit your site and connect with them. 

Visit our location 

In a similar vein to the above opportunity, we would love for your team to visit our location and share any valuable information you have that our young adult clients could benefit from. 

Exchange informational resources with us

We are happy to exchange our informational brochure or resource cards for yours. We list many different resources in our drop-in so that our clients can take advantage of all the opportunities there are for them. We would love to include your organization in this list! 

Swap "extra" supplies

If you have extra of any particular item and would like to swap with us, we would be open to doing so to increase variety. 

Let us know how you or your group might like to collaborate.