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Collaborating as an Advocate

Help us raise awareness 

Raising awareness for homeless youth is an incredibly important part of what we do at SYMin and we could use your help! As an advocate, we would especially need your help connecting new people to the cause. One way to do this is to encourage those in your sphere of influence to join our newsletters. Our quarterly newsletter has lots of information and we also have monthly prayer team letters that let others know exactly how to pray for our clients. You could also request that our brochures be available at your church or service group or even distribute them for us at meetings. Finally, another way of spreading more awareness would be to request your church or agency publish one of our articles about homeless young adults in their newsletter. We'd love your help getting creative and finding more ways to spread awareness for the needs of our clients!

Run a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign 

This is super easy to do! Create a Facebook fundraiser supporting SYMin or start a GoFundMe. This is great to do around your birthday or really at any time! Your help means so much to us! Here is some more information about our peer-lead fundraising campaigns. Currently, for anyone who runs their own peer-to-peer fundraiser for us and gets at least 5 donations or 5 subscribers to our newsletter, we have been offered a matched donation of $150 per fundraiser. 

Help us fundraise for our larger specialized events 

We could use your help fundraising for our higher cost events such as our Easter Festival, Christmas in July party, Thanksgiving feast or our Strengthening the Family Christmas project. These are some of our clients' most favorite events. Few have generally had families that celebrate holidays with them so it's important to us to recognize holidays and make our clients feel special. We could use your help raising money for the food, gifts, activities, decor and more that are required to throw these events! 

Help off-set rising food costs

Although it remains our singular mission to serve the homeless young adult population in Austin, on our bi-weekly outreaches we find it important to also provide resources to anyone we meet regardless of their age. This is particularly important to us to continue because of the crisis level lack of food access for most homeless in Austin at this time. Providing food to the general homeless population at both the Central Library and soon at two additional locations comes with a hefty price tag, especially because of inflation and food prices of late. We are in search of a partner who could help offset these costs. We ask you as an advocate to propose your church or service group help us with this mission!

Let us know how you or your group might like to collaborate.