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Volunteer by providing for our clients physical needs

Make casseroles for SYMin Family Breakfast Outreach 

Know a killer hash brown casserole recipe? Then we need your help! Calling volunteers to help us with a pilot outreach at University Presbyterian Church. SYMin will host a breakfast Wednesday mornings, and we need volunteers who can donate frozen casseroles. These casseroles will feed our very hungry clients and start their days off well with a hearty, warm meal.  

Make sandwiches for our clients 

Volunteer and help us out by purchasing and building sandwiches for our clients. We use these sandwiches on our outreaches and during our groups and activities on site. Trauma-informed care suggests that food should always be accessible, so we provide something for our clients to eat throughout each day. Sign up to make sandwiches. 

Donate camping, self-care or outreach bags 

Support us by providing the food and toiletry bags we provide clients on site and during our bi-weekly outreaches in the community. We've made it easy for you by providing a list of components that you purchase, assemble into sturdy (non-paper) bags and bring to us once completed. We encourage you to make notes of encouragement as well to put in the bags — clients love these! This can be completed as an individual, or recruit some friends to help!   

I want to donate outreach bags.

I want to donate camping bags. 

I want to donate self-care bags. 

Provide treats for our clients to enjoy on holidays or regular days 

We love to celebrate with clients and mark holidays with special treats and activities! Whether it's Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween or something in between, we would love for individuals to volunteer by providing yummy snacks. We daily provide snacks to our clients, so even if it's not a holiday, feel free to donate treats! We will use them! 

Donate in-kind to fill our Sunshine Store 

The Sunshine Store is frequented by our clients looking for new clothes, shoes, accessories and home goods. We happily accept any in-kind donations including everything from pantry items, books, housewares, camping equipment and medicine. We use all of it to fill our store and meet clients' needs. Not sure if we need something, feel free to call our helpline to check. 512-553-3796. Let us know if you plan to drop something off here.

All of our volunteers donating should visit our drop-off in the alley way between San Antonio and Guadalupe streets between 12:30-3:30pm on Monday-Friday. Address is 408 W 23rd Street Basement, Austin TX 78705. The door looks like this:

Want to learn about more ways to volunteer? Navigate our options: Outreach   On-site  >>Meet Needs<<

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